A week of mixed proportions

Some things went remarkably wrong for me this week, but not completely towering over the few incidents that caused me great joy.

I will admit that a few setbacks I am entirely accountable for, such as sleeping at 4 or 5 am every day, conscious that I probably wouldn’t be able to drag myself out of bed on time for my seminars. This was for a noble cause however. One should undoubtedly sacrifice sleep for the purpose of devouring books, which in my case included great texts such as Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishiguro), Mansfield Park (our beloved Jane Austen) and Monsters of Men (the last book in the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness).

Austen goes well with cookie dough and Ice cream
Austen goes well with cookie dough and Ice cream

It is lucky that I own a physical copy of said books, as my endeavour to read a novel required for my module was proved unmanageable when I retrieved my Kindle from my bag and saw that it was malfunctioning. Great. I had about 3 days to read the novel (Brick Lane by Monica Ali) and my kindle was broken, the nearest book stores didn’t have a copy for one reason or another, and an online order would not deliver it in time. I emailed my teacher who is an incredibly sarcastic guy, too sarcastic for his own good, and he replied with suggestions that I had already considered, using question marks in a way that implied condescending irony.

I did, to my delight, have the chance to meet up with one special person. We’ll name her Zelda. She studies the same course as me but is in the year above. We scheduled an encounter, to which I was half an hour late (blame the late night reading) yet once all the small talk and awkwardness was under the bridge we managed to hold a conversation for about an hour. I believe it is safe to say that we are two peas in one pod, since we are very similar in mentality and behaviour. She did point out that I am a bit insecure though (really? You weren’t supposed to notice) which is not something I talk openly to most people about. Admittedly, recent events that occurred over the past month or so have led me to ‘crawl back into my shell’ where I happily embrace the darkness and watch life go by.

How I live my life now
How I live my life now

Other than this adorable petite human, there is another special girl who I meet up with every week, whom we shall refer to as Daisy. She’s been a good friend of mine for a while, although I will shamefully disclose that her looks are what initially attracted me. In truth, I made her acquaintance in hopes that her personality would reflect her lovely countenance, and it does. At her house last week we got down to a number of silly-girl business that I haven’t done since I was 13 and in the company of another good friend whom I shall not tell you about just yet. Daisy and I watched an episode or two of New Girl and debated over who in our group of friends could pose as the different characters in the show. Many random things took place after that – such as me eating awkwardly in a corner as her cat Bella ogled my beef fried rice – and we somehow wound up trying to learn the “Living Room Routine” which features in one of our favourite movies (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, based on the novel by Stephen Chbosky).
This was indeed a very pleasing task to perform and led to our mutual embarrassment when we reached a critical point in the choreography and my hands were found groping her ass. It was purely accidental, but lesbianest, it wasn’t that bad.

This particular week was quite a productive one given that I had completed various pieces of creative writing which I am thoroughly proud of. I hope to display some on my blog soon, for those of you who enjoy poetry and/or short stories.

But returning to my endless supply of misfortune, could you possibly imagine my vexation when one night as I tiptoed out the bath and into my room, I found my phone on 5% and when I plugged it in, it was decisively not charging? Well, I tried all the chargers and usb cables at hand yet nothing seemed to make a difference. I took my phone apart and wiped all the pieces, switched it back on as I said a mental prayer but still no luck.I had people to meet with and emails to read, I NEEDED MY PHONE. But oh no, within 20 minutes it was dead.


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