Solo Adventure #1

Lyrics of the day: Yeah you wana find love then you know where the city is – The City by The 1975

Hello dear readers
Here’s a city-appreciation post. Living the “uni life” has been a great experience for me thus far. I’ve met great people who all share my passion for writing. I’ve come out of my mind a little bit. I tend to always be negative about studying in central London, mainly because it doesn’t help with my SAD and social anxiety, but there are good days. On Fridays for example, I get a 2 hour break in between seminars, so once I finally decided it was time to go to Charring Cross and visit the biggest Foyles Store in London.

Note to reader: I have spent around £100 in Foyles in the past month – indeed, ‘tis the reason I am partially broke.

It was a 5 minute train journey, and once I found myself in Charring Cross I recognised the place from a school trip to the Art Museum, over 10 years ago.

The famous Phone Box
The famous Phone Box

I lingered for a while, admiring the scenery and enjoying the sunshine that happened to grace us all on that particular day. It was all very gratifying. I came across a man sitting with a box of coloured chalks, drawing up all the different flags he knew, and in the middle he wrote “PEACE AND LOVE”. People were walking by and dropping coins on their own flags to represent. That’s when it dawned on me just how lucky I am to live in one
of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. A lot of people gathered around just to appreciate the man’s work, as did I, and I felt a sense of togetherness that I don’t feel even when I’m with family of friends; a sense that it’s okay to be alone, because we’re all alone together.


Soon after that I decided to get the bus to Foyles,  but   once I got to  the bust stop it felt wrong to  just sit    there, waiting for a bus to take  me  somewhere, when  there was so much to see.

So I got up and walked. I felt my inner Harold Fry  manifesting so I just went with my instincts,  turned left and walked on and on. From Charring  Cross to Tottenham Court Road to Chancery Lane to  Holborn. I didn’t find Foyles in the end, but it  didn’t matter. I finally grasped why the journey is more important than the destination. I found lots of lovely little places to sit and read in peace. I found restaurants that served foreign cuisine and even found a cute little market where a woman stood singing opera for those at a nearby café. This whole trip got me thinking about London, about how fortunate I am to be a Londoner. When living in the outskirts of a city, it’s easy to forget that you have all of this available to you, all this wonder and joy and hidden adventure, all within your reach.

So look around  and fall in love with your place in the world

Love always


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