Here’s to the Purge

Dear bloggers
I hope you are all having a great start to the new year. I want to dedicate this short post to the restoration of hope which is typically accompanied by new beginnings. Personally, I’ve never been good at letting go because everything that happens becomes a part of who you are, right?
This year is a bit different though, and like everyone else I’m prepared to shed away my anxieties, my wrong decisions and my bad habits.
So here’s to burning away a piece of me, and purging out the bad memories
Here’s to knocking down the roller coaster of 2014, to the end of despair and the restoration of dreams
Here’s to blurring out the faces that were once always on your mind
And here’s to all shitty things that we’re leaving behind
Here’s to washing away the taste of names that were once always on our tongue
And here’s to the healing hearts that once stung
Here’s to my bitter lips, slowly becoming sweet again
And here’s to 2015, showing us that this is not the end.


Cheers to all

Love Alice


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